Things to Evaluate When Buying a Toyota Car in India

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Things to Evaluate When Buying a Toyota Car in India
Things to Evaluate When Buying a Toyota Car in India

New Delhi : A global leader in the automotive industry, Toyota is known for its top-notch vehicles. The marquee is also a notable name in India, with Innova Crysta, Glanza, Yaris, and Fortuner as some of its best-selling models.

That said, before you purchase a Toyota, we suggest that you bear a few points in mind, like the ones discussed in this article.

Let’s begin! 

Key Factors to Consider While Buying a Toyota Car in India

Analyse the Engine Type

Most of the Toyota cars come with 4-cylinder engines. As a result, they offer enhanced refinement, well-spread power, and superior overall balance. Furthermore, these automobiles offer an engine displacement between 1197 cc to 2755 cc.

A high-displacement car engine can utilise more air-fuel mixture, which also increases the power output. However, it also leads to higher fuel consumption. That said, Toyota strikes a balance between mileage and power to achieve efficiency as well as performance. 

Factors to be Considered in the Fuel Economy

In simple words, your car’s fuel economy indicates the distance it can travel using a specific amount of fuel. Therefore, by choosing a vehicle with superior fuel economy, you can easily save on your fuel expenses in the long haul. Toyota’s lineup comes with superior fuel economy, such as Urban Cruiser, which has a mileage of 18.76 kmpl, and Toyota Camry with a 19.16 kmpl mileage.

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Analyse the Design & Features  

When it comes to body type, one can choose from a variety of options. Sedans have a lower centre of gravity, which allows them to offer superior performance and handling than larger vehicles. Hatchbacks are well-suited as smaller family cars in India.

Furthermore, SUVs are known for their four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance, and off-roading capabilities. MUVs, on the other hand, lack the off-roading abilities of SUVs but offer superior mileage. 

Individuals planning to buy a Toyota hatchback can turn to Glanza. For those who prefer the ever-popular SUVs, Toyota’s Urban Cruiser or Fortuner is an ideal choice.

As for MUVs, one can take a pick between Innova Crysta and Vellfire. Moreover, Toyota Camry is all the rage among motorists as a bold-looking sedan.

Look out for the Safety Features

Some safety features to look out for before buying a Toyota car are rear parking sensors, dual front airbags, electronic stability control, child seat anchors, reverse parking camera, hill hold control, and curtain airbags. Besides, most automobiles come with ABS with EBD. 

Additionally, your car should have 3-point seatbelts for its seats. Furthermore, make sure that you check the crash safety rating of your preferred model. 

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Analyse Different Toyota Models 

Depreciation is the decrease in the value of your car over time. This depreciation also impacts the calculation of your car’s insured declared value or IDV. Here, you must note that in the event of loss or theft of a vehicle, its claim settlement is done according to the IDV of its insurance.

In a nutshell, the higher the depreciation rate of a car, the lower will be its IDV and insurance premiums, though with less coverage than what might be necessary.

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Buy the Right Insurance Cover

In India, having third-party insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Additionally, one can opt for comprehensive car insurance, which covers both third-party and own damages.

Moreover, comprehensive car insurance plans can be customised with several add-on covers for broader coverage. These can include breakdown assistance, zero depreciation cover, engine and gearbox protection cover, among others.

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While buying Toyota car insurance, it is wise to take your time and compare the available plans to make sure you get the best possible coverage and well-rounded protection. Besides, you can easily weigh your options online and choose a plan that caters to your specific needs. 

List of Top Toyota Cars You Can Consider for a Purchase

Now that you know about the different factors you need to evaluate prior to buying a Toyota car, the following list of top models might help you take a better call.

Consider Opting for a Car Loan

If buying a Toyota car seems a bit heavy on your budget, you can consider applying for a car loan. It allows you to purchase a model at full price by making monthly instalments comfortably over an extended period. Besides improved budgeting, some other benefits of opting for a car loan are:

It requires practically no collateral

Helps improve your credit score

Certain lenders also provide added benefits, such as free road tax, free servicing, etc.

Along with the above benefits, opting for an online tool for the repayment of the premium amount stands out as one of the top benefits. One of them is a car loan EMI calculator. It helps in calculating the premium and offers a smooth repayment procedure when opting for a loan. Such EMI calculators are easy to use, provide quick access, and help ascertain the loan EMI outgoes. Therefore, such tools can help make loan planning easier for you.

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