Watch Mahindra take their Scorpio N SUV under same waterfall as the leaked video

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Watch Mahindra take their Scorpio N SUV under same waterfall as the leaked video (Image:
Watch Mahindra take their Scorpio N SUV under same waterfall as the leaked video (Image:

Delhi : Mahindra has responded to social media videos of a new Mahindra Scorpio-sunroof N's leaking beneath a waterfall with a video of its own. Mahindra Auto posted a video from the same waterfall in Himachal Pradesh using the same Scorpio-N variant. 

Mahindra's video shows the Scorpio-N reversing into the same waterfall and parking there for an extended period of time. The video also includes footage from both inside and outside the vehicle. There is no leakage at all.

Mahindra has yet to diagnose the Scorpio-N, which allegedly began leaking beneath the waterfall. The car's owner, who was on a road trip, did not allow the vehicle to be inspected. This is probably why Mahindra has yet to respond to the incident that went viral last week.

How did the sunroof get leaking?

According to the video posted by the car's owner, the Mahindra Scorpio-N began leaking beneath the waterfall. The leak began as soon as the vehicle was parked beneath the waterfall. Later, in a second video, the owner demonstrated a failed sunroof rubber seal, which most likely caused the leak inside the vehicle.

However, many people claimed that the video was fabricated and that there was more to the story. Other Scorpio-N owners claimed that the car's sunroof was slightly open the first time he drove under the waterfall, and that he then drove back under the waterfall after closing the sunroof.

Because the owner has yet to take the vehicle to a service centre, Mahindra has not determined the true cause of the failure. It is possible that the rubber sealant on this particular Mahindra Scorpio-N failed due to high water pressure. Other units of the same model might not reproduce the same issue.

Sunroofs actually require more maintenance

Because sunroofs are not suitable for use in India's harsh weather, most car owners use them for dangerous stunts and to show off. Sunroofs are a complicated technology that many manufacturers began offering on mass-market vehicles due to market demand.

Sunroofs, on the other hand, require more maintenance because they are made of moving toughened glass and, like any other car part, can suffer mechanical failures or have the seal fail.

Sunroofs are mostly used in European countries where the mild climate allows cars to drive with their windows open. Sunroofs are an excellent way to recycle air in the car while maintaining aerodynamics. In India, however, most car owners with sunroofs use them to exit their vehicles in an unsafe and illegal manner.