Which are the best scooters under ₹50,000? Find out here!

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Which are the best scooters under ₹50,000? Find out here! (Image: tvsmotor.com)
Which are the best scooters under ₹50,000? Find out here! (Image: tvsmotor.com)

Delhi : Traveling by automobile is challenging in India due to the nation's notoriously clogged roadways and excessive traffic. Because they provide a more practical and economical method to manage crowded metropolitan streets, scooters and bikes have grown in popularity. If money is limited, you may still buy some of the top products on the market for less than 50,000. These vehicles are reasonably priced, have excellent fuel efficiency, and require little maintenance.

Today, we'll examine some of the top scooters and bikes in India that cost less than 50,000 rupees, taking into account elements like performance, comfort, and dependability.

Most effective scooters under Rs. 50,000


Six distinct variations of the TVS XL100 scooter are available, with prices ranging from Rs. 46,671 to Rs. 57,790. This scooter has a 99cc BS6 engine, which produces 4.4 ps of power and 6.5 nm of torque. Drum brakes are included on the XL100's front and back. The scooter weighs 89 kilogrammes and has a 4 litre gasoline tank.

The XL100 is a well-equipped moped with a quiet starting, engine kill button, USB charging compatibility, and LED DRL. Its fuel-injection system also makes it the most cheap two-wheeler with fuel injection that is currently available.

KM Komaki XGT

An easygoing electric scooter designed for commuting is the Komaki XGT KM. The removable battery is housed in a storage space beneath the scooter's seat. The business claims that a helmet may still be stored there despite this.

The Komaki XGT KM also has a number of amenities, including a digital instrument panel, synchronised braking system, and an anti-theft lock. For increased safety, the front wheel has a disc brake. The XGT kilometres's battery can be completely charged in 6 to 8 hours and has a range of 130 to 150 kilometres.

Oma Lohia Star

A self-starting electric scooter built entirely in India is the Lohia OMA Star. It has an automated transmission without a clutch and a storage compartment under the long seat. After a full charge, the scooter has a range of up to 60 km per charge. The Lohia OMA Star has two variations and has a starting price of Rs. 41,444. The most costly model is the Lohia OMA Star Li, which costs Rs. 51,750.

E-Scoot Avon

An electric scooter with a 65 km range that is sold in India is called the Avon E Scoot. It costs Rs. 45,000 rupees and is among the most well-liked scooters under Rs. 50,000 rupees in India. For individuals searching for a reasonably priced and environmentally friendly method of transportation, the Avon E Scoot is a fantastic choice.

Techo Electra Neo

The Techo Electra Neo is an electric scooter that can be purchased in India for as little as Rs. 41,919.It is offered in one model and four distinct hues. The Techo Electra Neo's motor produces 250 W of power, and the scooter has both front and rear drum brakes that work together to stop the wheels.

According to the manufacturer, the battery pack can travel 60–65 km after being fully charged, which takes around 5-7 hours. The Neo boasts several amenities, including a central locking system, a digital speedometer, a USB connector for charging mobile devices, and a sizable storage area. It is ARAI-certified.