4 technologies that changed the automobile world forever

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Today, technology has brought major changes in the way we lead our daily life. The progressive growth can be seen in the automobile industry. The avant-garde car industry is surprising us with new technologies in the areas of safety, entertainment, usefulness or a pure innovation. In this article, we will discuss about some top technologies which have changed the roads forever along with the mode of transportation.

Teen driver technology

Many cars, now, come with built-in teen driving limitations that will send alerts to you if the car goes over a certain speed, switch off the stereo if the seatbelts are not used while driving, and even keep the stereo volume restricted to a legal limit.

Mobile Apps connection

It is known to all that smartphones have transformed everything, including how we communicate with our cars. Most car makers today render a connected smartphone app, some of which are better than others. The most rational ones are which let you lock and unlock doors, check the status of fuel and tire pressure, and even start the car remotely to let the engine warm up on cold winter mornings.

LED/Xenon Headlights

A better headlight tech is crucial for night driving as it guides you during your ride in the dark lanes. You could go for LED bulbs that rarely need replacement or older but still-excellent xenon systems to lighten up the roads and avoid night-time collisions. Many indulgent vehicles come with 'swivelling' bulbs that turn with the road to flood the corners with light and then there are auto-high beam systems that maximise your sight of the surroundings without blinding other drivers.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert


Most people face difficulty in placing car even with a rear-view backup camera, which is why rear-cross traffic alert is expedient. With sensors built into the rear of the car, you get alerted when vehicles are approaching, or pedestrians wandering behind your car. Most systems provide loud beeps, but some cars even brake automatically before a collision occurs.