TSRTC takes major step forward with 550 new electric busses

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TSRTC takes major step forward with 550 new electric busses (Image: tsrtc.telangana.gov.in)
TSRTC takes major step forward with 550 new electric busses (Image: tsrtc.telangana.gov.in)

Delhi : Olectra Greentech Limited, a division of Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited, received the largest single contract for a total of 550 pure electric buses from South India from the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) (MEIL). For Telangana's electric mobility ambition to achieve a comprehensive clean, green public transportation system, the decree is being viewed as a crucial step.

The 50 completely air-conditioned intercity coach e-buses, which can go more than 325 miles on a single charge, will run between Hyderabad and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The 500 e-buses that will operate on the intracity route will drive within Hyderabad and have a range of more than 225 kilometres on a single charge. For the deployment and operation of these e-buses, the TSRTC has already designated five depots in the twin cities.

Given that they will be charged at rapid charging stations to assure peak performance, the electric buses will result in decreased operating expenses for TSRTC.

Bajireddy Govardhan, the chairman of TSRTC, stated: "Electric buses have been purchased to protect the environment. In the next two years, the TSRTC intends to provide 3,400 electric buses throughout Telangana. The noise and emission levels will also be greatly reduced by the e-buses.

TSRTC's managing director, VC Sajjanar, stated, "We are working to have electric buses available throughout Hyderabad by March 2025. 550 Olectra e-buses will be deployed in the initial phase. All of these buses will be utilised gradually.

"We secured the order to deliver 50 standard floor 12-meter intercity coach e-buses and 500 low floor 12-meter intracity e-buses from the TSRTC," stated K.V. Pradeep, the CMD of Olectra Greentech Limited. We are honoured to work alongside the TSRTC to realise their goal of creating a large-scale, cost-effective public transportation system. Soon, phases of the e-bus deliveries will begin.

The partnership between Olectra and TSRTC began with 40 e-buses in March 2019. From RGIA-Shamshabad, these e-buses have been travelling to various locations in Hyderabad. Olectra and TSRTC teamed up once more for 550 e-buses in March 2023, which was precisely four years later.