BrandBerry Marcom - A workplace that balances work and life

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BrandBerry Marcom - A work place with balances work and life
BrandBerry Marcom - A work place with balances work and life

Noida : BrandBerry Marcom, a Noida-based end-to-end marketing communications and advertising agency, is a cool new workplace sticking to old school formula where people sleep on time work for limited hours and also enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Yeah, that sounds amazing but not realistic in current corporate culture, where people have given up on their social lives to earn their living. 

Ayushi Jain, the Managing Director and the promoter of the bootstrapped start-up, came up with the idea after getting steamed in the heat of odd timings at different workplaces.

She believes in bringing back peaceful days and also has an ideology that work can be completed within even hours.

“Late nights are uncommon at BrandBerry and yes, we are still an ad agency. We try to drive and keep Saturdays closed as much as we can – it’s only when your employee has the physical stability and mental well-being is he happy to do good work and take pride in what he does. BrandBerry is a lifestyle-driven workplace that wants their employees to have a personal life, to enjoy their time at work, and make a monetary living which is missing with most workplaces today. At BrandBerry, we all have our share of sleep, smiles and exciting work.”

The management at BrandBerry Marcom aims to minimize working hours and maximize productivity while evolving talent from their employees. 

In a culture where corporates are ready to deliver with a 24*7 promise, it is nothing less than a treat to hear about a company that cares about your healthy life style too.

Sounds promising? Want to get on board with such a cool management? Well, you know where to send your CVs.