Coronavirus India: Mahindra begins hand sanitizer production

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Coronavirus India: Mahindra begins hand sanitizer production
Coronavirus India: Mahindra begins hand sanitizer production

New Delhi : A couple of months back it was beyond imagination to see automaker Mahindra stepping into the business of making masks, ventilators, hand gloves and now sanitizers among other personal protection equipment (PPE).

After the announcement of lockdown in India, the auto sector has come to an halt and the auto makers are now looking forward to satisfy the need of society with PPE products.

A team of Mahindra employees have procured the license after completing the testing procedures of the sanitizer and the company has commenced production of Mahindra branded sanitizers.

The company is also manufacturing the face shields which will help the employees and also people in protecting themselves from getting infected.

The shields are being assembled at the company's manufacturing facility in Kandivali, Mumbai. Initially 500 of these shields are being made every day and numbers are likely to increase given the rise in Coronavirus cases in the country.

Mahindra has also joined hands with the government to make ventilators that will play a crucial role during these unprecedented times. Teams from Igatpuri and Mumbai plants stepped ahead to participate for the cause and had prepared the first ventilator prototype within 48 hours.