Invest your Salary in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

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Invest your Salary in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit
Invest your Salary in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

New Delhi : Whether your next salary appraisal is around the corner or a long way off from now, you can make a part of your regular income work for you, by investing it. Through investing, you accelerate the growth of your wealth and accomplish goals, like the purchase of a vehicle or taking a much-needed vacation, in a shorter time span. 

While investing is an absolute must for good financial health, you can also count on your earnings from this source in case of an emergency or between jobs in the future. If you’re wondering which avenue to choose, remember that a fixed deposit has become a necessity in every investment portfolio as it both secures your capital from any losses and balances out any risk you may have undertaken. 

Fixed deposits with top issuers ensure that your hard-earned money grows without any risk, delay or compromise. As one of the most reputable issuers, here is how investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit can help you build your financial health. 

Get guaranteed returns on time

To ensure you experience complete safety of your invested principal, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits are rated with ICRA’s MAAA (stable) and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating. These are the highest credibility ratings awarded by each of the agencies, thus assuring you of not only guaranteed and timely returns, but also the full payout of your invested sum. Hence, you need not worry about losing any amount you invest from your hard-earned salary. 

Grow your investment by 50%

With this fixed deposit, you can invest a portion of your income and see it increase by 50% or more. Take a look at the table below to see how you would benefit from a deposit of Rs.45,000 over a tenor of 5 years.

Customer typeInterest rateReturns% of returns
New customer8.6%Rs.22,97751.06%
Existing customer8.85%Rs.23,76352.80%
Senior citizen8.94%Rs.24,07953.50%

Plan for future goals with ease

With the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator, you can forecast your returns and adjust your inputs to find the most beneficial option. This way, you can plan your finances efficiently and align your future purchases or saving goals to the same. So, setting money aside for future purchases, like your sibling’s wedding apparel, new furniture for your home, jewellery for your wife, and other financial obligations is easy. Further, with interest gains, you now require a smaller slice of your salary to pay for your future purchases. 

So, invest part of your salary in the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit today to ensure no penny sits idle. Have your money work for you while you work towards a better future. Investing with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is very easy, with a simple form, so you can enjoy a hassle-free investment process.