Kapur sibling battle Intensified : Sister challenges brother's patriarchal dominance to protect her company

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Kapur sibling battle Intensified : Sister challenges brother's patriarchal dominance to protect her company
Kapur sibling battle Intensified : Sister challenges brother's patriarchal dominance to protect her company

New Delhi : The 27,000 cr market cap auto component giant, Sona Auto empire’s family battle took a new turn with major ancillary industry insiders and suppliers caught on either side of an ugly family divide. The legacy of auto-industry pioneer and the showman of the Auto component industry, the Late Dr Surinder Kapur, is now being battled for. On one side is brother Sunjay Kapur, who’s already sold out his family’s silver and now he attempts to snatch the spoon from out of his sister Mandhira’s mouth.

Though the fight is between the siblings but Sunjay Kapur has already sold family’s share to the private equity firm Blackstone and now Blackstone is anxious to get rid of the Sona group. Recently Blackstone announced to get rid of Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd’s shares worth ₹3,971.7 crores from its portfolio through a block deal. But the fight for the brand name ‘Sona’ is getting intensified.

Mandhira Kapur, the successful businesswoman and founder of SONA MANDHIRA PVT LTD (SMPL). She has been a driving force in the industry, leading her team with integrity, creativity, and passion. Her dedication to the company's mission and her vision for its future have earned her a reputation as a respected and trustworthy business leader.

Mandhira's brother, Sunjay Kapur, has attempted to harm the company's reputation. Despite the malicious attempts of brother Sunjay Kapur, Mandhira remains committed to the success of SMPL (created by her late father Dr Surinder Kapur) and the satisfaction of its customers.

Mandhira has assured her distributors and stakeholders that she will come back stronger and defeat the patriarchal supremacy forced by her brother, Sunjay Kapur on her claim on her father's legacy.

The legal battle between siblings Mandira and Sunjay, children of the late Dr Surinder Kapur has just begun and could potentially be lengthy. As per a source close to the Kapur family, Sunjay is trying to prevent his sister's rapidly growing company from using the brand name. Surprisingly, Sunjay claims to have exclusive rights to the brand name ‘Sona’, which his father founded, even though he sold family’s complete share to the private equity firm, Blackstone.

Corporate and legal experts are perplexed as to why Sunjay would try to control a brand he doesn't fully own and why would he try to bully her sister to stop using the name given be their father. As per the company sources, no one has the copyright over the brand name ‘SONA’.

Over the period of the last three years, SMPL has exceptionally enhanced its portfolio. Their product range starts from 1000 stock keeping unit (SKUs) and goes to 1800 SKUs’ important components. Such a vast portfolio makes them one of the most sought-after and fastest-emerging auto component manufacturers in India.

Mandhira's determination to succeed and her unwavering commitment to her company and its customers have earned her the support of her team, her distributors, and her stakeholders. She is confident that with their continued support, SMPL will continue to achieve new heights of success in the coming years. Following the death of Sona Koyo’s founder, Dr. Surinder Kapur, son Sunjay, who had already sold family’s stake in the company to private equity firm Blackstone, has accused his sister Mandhira of wrongfully using the brand name Sona. It is noteworthy that Sunjay himself has no copyright over the Sona brand, which was given by his late father. Despite this, he is attempting to hinder the rapid growth of his sister's company, SMPL, which has witnessed exponential growth in recent years.

Industry experts are closely observing the situation, with many speculating that the siblings' feud could have far-reaching implications for the company and the industry as a whole. The private equity firm Blackstone is also deeply involved in this major industry battle led by both siblings. This dispute will be a major setback for the entire portfolio of Blackstone equity. However, remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the coming days and what the future holds for SMPL.

It is a strategic move to strengthen the company's position in the market and ensure that it remains competitive. Mandhira Kapur is confident that this process will enable the company to continue delivering high-quality products and services while keeping up with evolving customer needs.

Nevertheless, despite the ongoing legal dispute, Mandira's agile and thriving company appears to be dominating the markets.