Here's Your Fundraising Guide to Start a New Campaign This Year

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Here's Your Fundraising Guide to Start a New Campaign This Year (Image: Shutterstock)
Here's Your Fundraising Guide to Start a New Campaign This Year (Image: Shutterstock)

New Delhi : Want to start a fundraising campaign for your cause or business idea on a crowdfunding platform? Are unanswered questions or lack of information holding you back? Questions such as how crowdfunding works, what’s the amount of time it takes, is it safe, is it reliable, etc need to be answered first so you have sufficient knowledge about crowdfunding - a concept that is quickly gaining ground today.

In this article, we will walk you through the concept of crowdfunding and answer some of the essential questions that may cross the minds of people who are new to the idea of fundraising. You can consider this article as a mini-guide that can help prospective campaigners experience a smooth and flawless fundraising experience online. 

First things first, it is crucial for you to choose reliable crowdfunding websites in India and you can do so by comparing various crowdfunding platforms and what they offer here. As of today, there are several emerging platforms to start a fundraiser on in India, and making the right choice is essential as the platform you choose can make or break your campaign. You can research on leading fundraising websites, such as Impact Guru - one of the top crowdfunding platforms in India. They have aided over five lakh individuals and organizations in starting their own ventures by helping them raise the required funds. 

How To Start a New Fundraisers Campaign? 

Anyone, regardless of age, gender, and income group, can start a fundraising campaign online with the help of fundraising platforms that are easy-to-use, and accessible. Here are a few simple steps to get started with your campaign: 

Step 1: Choose the right platform for you. If you wish to raise funds for a medical emergency, a trusted medical fundraising platform like ImpactGuru can help.

Step2: Start a fundraiser by uploading relevant documents and adding the required details such as your name, number and email.

Step3: Set the amount you need to raise. A realistic goal amount is likely to be met more quickly. 

Step4: Write your story in an expressive, detailed manner including what you are raising funds for as well as something about yourself. 

Step5: Add videos and images to create more impact. Visuals help potential donors understand and relate to your fundraiser better.

Step6: Share and re-share your campaign across your social network including but not limited to your friends, co-workers, relatives and online communities. Ask them to share it with their circle to help your fundraiser reach more and more people.

Step7: Voila! Start receiving contributions on your fundraiser. Some platforms also offer free iOS and Android mobile fundraising apps to manage and track your donations in real-time. 

If you find yourself stuck at any step, you can always get in touch with the customer service team or go through the website of the platform you chose and follow the steps mentioned on their homepage. 

How To Build a Strong Campaign?

Consider the following tips if you want to build a strong campaign that can invite people to contribute and help you out. 

1. Give some thought before deciding on the title. It should sum up your cause or idea in action-provoking words that can leave an impact on people. 

2. Campaigners engaging in online crowdfunding must inform their potential donors why their campaign is time-sensitive and the significance of the deadline. 

3. Make sure you create an appealing story around your campaign.  Whether you want to start a crowdfunding campaign for a personal or medical cause, it is a must to have a compelling story that can create a sense of urgency. The story must emphasize how even a small amount of donation can make a significant difference to you.

4. Successful fundraisers have clear and 100% authentic visuals that support their cause in the best possible manner. The pictures or videos don't have to be professional and of the best quality. They only need to be clear and stimulating. You can also use videos to give the potential contributors an idea about your life and create a bond with them. 

Crowdfunding platforms such as Impact Guru provide 24x7 assistance throughout the campaign regarding your story, image, video, and other requirements. So, you can always ask for help when in doubt.

Is Crowdfunding Free? 

Before you start a campaign on a crowdfunding platform, make sure you have thoroughly gone through the terms and conditions of the platform. Most fundraising platforms charge a minimum service fee that is a low percentage of the amount you will gather through the campaign. This service fee is essential to provide you with the services offered by a verified crowdfunding platform and assist in getting financial aid as soon as possible. 

Apart from this, if you have more questions and want to know more about crowdfunding, you can always contact the customer service team of the platform you wish to create your campaign on and get them all answered. 

We hope that we covered all the significant aspects of crowdfunding and simplified the entire concept in this mini-guide. If yes, then wait no more and make this world a better place to live in by becoming a part of a crowdfunding community today.