Opinion: Call her nasty, for SHE is one!

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Nasty women
Nasty women

Los angeles : She came, she won, and she lost! But did she fall? No, never, because a woman is everything but a failure. Her resilience and persistence is the key to success both professionally and personally. She is not just a figure of an inspiration to others (society and family) but to her own self, too. 

Her life speaks volumes of courage, choices and exploration of self. Every step is a realization, an act of freedom from the glares of world. If she is insipid that is because she is raising a generation, if her nature is giving it shows her character and strength. She is a living precedent of everything one can ever desire of, yet she is forgotten, held down and oppressed time and again. 

She is often told to stay in limits and indulge, called nasty, banged on with slurs, politicized and termed a liar. Why? Because she dares to dream, choose a path and act to her conscience! 

Well, no more.

Gone are the days when she would have reconciled and acted according to the laws of home, land or society. Her yearning to be known, challenged and become the best is outwitting all. She has come of age and experience to be guided by someone who only wants to curtail her at the end.

No more will she be guided by her relationships, bounded by career and demonized by the society. Today, she has more to give to herself than to the world. Her space, her existence is much more significant. So please, stop telling her what to do and what not to. 

The time has come when women across the globe have to realize their potential and create a position for the authority holders to watch and learn. It is time to stick, share and promise the world a nasty woman, who is confident, aggressive and limitless.

Remember all, she may be broken down, feathers crumpled, wings clipped, but she will still rise from her ashes just like a phoenix, because this is the century for her, for us!

This December, let us join with our families to celebrate womanhood and thank God for the blessings he gave us- spirit of freedom and the body of a woman!