Important questions to ask your HR before joining a new job

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New Delhi : A new job calls for new challenges. Before joining a new job, you should assure that the job and the company you are going to join meets your requirement. To avoid any kind of troubles in the future, consider asking the question during the HR meeting.

Job responsibility

Before you take a job in any company, ask about your responsibilities to the Human Resource department. So that there is no confusion any further.

Ask about your team

It is lawful to know which team you will be part of where you are going to get a job. How many people will be in your team and who will be working under your guidance? Also ask who will be your boss?

How much is total salary

During the HR interview, it is important to ask these questions how many salaries will come in your account and how much will be deducted on leave.

When / how will you get promotion?

If you want to get promotions, first of all, definitely ask when and how your promotion can be; so that you can set up targets to get promotions from the first day of the job.

Time of work

Ask how many hours will you be at work, and if sometimes you work overtime, will you get extra money or not.

Ask about leave per month, paid leave, un-paid leave

Ask about your weekly leave; how much leave you can take in a month and what is the salary deduction process? You should be aware of all these things.