Reasons to Choose International Board for Your Child's Education

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Reasons to Choose International Board for Your Child's Education
Reasons to Choose International Board for Your Child's Education

New Delhi : When you become a parent, it’s natural to be confused while making decisions for your child’s future. This dilemma triples when it comes to your little ones’ education. 

Gone are the days when people just had to worry about the right school. It’s a new age,andthus, the tough task of selecting the right board has also dawned on parents. While CBSE, ICSE, state boards were ever present, IB has also made an entry into the education sector of India. 

IB or International Baccalaureatehas brought in new ideas that are essential for a child’s holistic growth. In this article, we have jotted down some of the reasons why you should look for an IB school in India. However, before moving on to the reasons, let us first introduce you to the board itself. Here we go!

What is the International Baccalaureate?

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, International Baccalaureateis an international educational organisation. The main aim of IB is to offer a standardised education model to students across the world and help them in becoming ‘inquisitive, knowledgeable and caring citizens’.The teaching of IB began in 1976 in India,and since then hundreds of top schools offer education as per this board. 

Here are a few reasons why it is gaining popularity all over India,and it why should be the right choice for your child’s future: 

Internationally Recognized Standard

The first and the most crucial reason why you should consider IB schools that are recognisedinternationally. This means students who study via an IB board get the leverage to enrol in foreign universities easily. 

The curriculum is also designed in a way that prepares students for international universities like Harvard and Cambridge. So, if you want your child to pursue their higher studies abroad, opting for IB is a wise decision.


The curriculum of IB is more challenging than CBSE or ICSE. It trains students to become scholars of international standard. The curriculum is divided into three programs: 

IB – Primary Years Programme For students aged 3-12

IB – Middle Years Programme For students aged 11-16

IB - Diploma Programme         For students aged 16-19

The curriculum is standard across all the IB schools across the globe; thereby, the transition from one school to another is not hard on the students. 

The programme mentioned in the previous point is composed of six subject groups: 

1. Studies in Language and Literature – Learning mother tongue language

2. Language Acquisition – Learning a foreign language

3. Individuals & Societies – Subjects include economics, history, business and management, geography, global politics, information technology in a global society, philosophy, psychology, etc.

4. Sciences – Subjects include biology, chemistry, design technology, computer science, physics and sports, exercise and health science

5. Mathematics 

6. The Arts – Subjects include dance, music, film, theatre and visual art

In a nutshell, in an IB school in India, children get to learn a broad range of subjects to prepare for further education.

Broad Exposure

Students studying in an IB school in India get to explore their potential to the fullest. IB schools follow a balanced approach while offering an international level of education. 

Other than that, students from IB schools like Genesis Global School also get to polish their extra-curricular skills and participate in national level tournaments like Delhi Olympic Games, Jaypee Open Tennis Tournament and Fox Golf Junior Tournament.

Excellent Facilities

As the curriculum is of an international level, so are the facilities offered by the schools. From highly qualified teachers to state-of-the-art campus, IB schools follow global standards for their students. Top IB schoolsalso offer residential facilities to create a home away from home environment for students. 

Wrapping Up

Done reading? You certainly have an idea of how to go about with the decision. IB schools offer a holistic learning environment for students that not only educates them for the present scenario but also ensures that they can reach the best global opportunities ahead.