Best Online MBA Course Specializations You Can Opt For

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Best Online MBA Course Specializations You Can Opt For (Image: Shutterstock)
Best Online MBA Course Specializations You Can Opt For (Image: Shutterstock)

New Delhi : The cut-throat competition in the market demands every working professional to expand their horizons and diversify their skills. Hence, most of them opt for the best online MBA to add value to their resumes and become the first choice for high-paying jobs. The market is expanding, and the jobs in the management sector will expand by 8% globally, as per global media reports. The lack of eligible candidates creates a huge market supply and demand gap. This is where MBA specializations play a crucial role. Let’s find out the best online MBA specialization and the industry scope to help you decide your career route. 

How do MBA specializations help? 

Before discussing the best online MBA specializations, you must understand why you must pick one and the factors you need to ponder. The MBA course is designed to equip learners with various skills required to handle a team and become effective leaders. It concentrates on upgrading the learner's professional acumen. In the program's initial phase, you will have to study subjects covering vast business functions to grasp the basics. Once you have a thorough understanding, you must opt for a specialization that will set your career course. Here are the major factors you need to consider while opting for the specialization- 

1. The job scope of the stream in the domestic and international market 

2. Compare the salary packages of jobs in each specialization to get a better understanding

3. Would you get the proper return on investment if you studied that subject? 

4. Will it diversify your resume, and can you explore the job field?

5. Do companies accept online MBAs for that particular specialization? 

6. Which specialization are you interested in?

Now that you know the factors that play a crucial role in picking the best online MBA specialization let us find out about them and their job scope.

Trending online MBA specializations

Here are the best online MBA specializations- 

1. MBA Finance 

For professionals who are in the finance sector or want to make a transition to a financing career, MBA in finance is the best option to choose. The finance market is highly competitive and growing. You will get to study the market economy, both national and international depending on your curriculum. As per the Indian media reports, MBA in Finance is unarguably one of the highest-paying specializations. The job profiles include roles of Financial Manager, Analyst, Operations Director, Project Manager and more. The Financial Manager role is ranked 2nd in best business jobs as per US News. 

1. MBA in Human Resource Management

Human Resource does not need an introduction as they are solely responsible for hiring the workforce and handling payroll activities. The diverse job profile is expanding along with the market, and the work-from-home culture is rising. The average salary of a human resource manager in the US in 2022 is $112,793. 

1. MBA in Marketing 

Marketing professionals are crucial for every business as they generate sales and revenue. MBA in marketing can boost your career hierarchy-wise and salary-wise. Maximum marketing professionals venture into the advertising and media sector and join as brand managers, marketing managers, media planners, market research analysts and such. The job is ranked 1st in best sales and marketing jobs as per the US News. 

1. MBA in Analytics & Data Science 

Another in-demand specialization is MBA in Analytics & Data Science. The branch is emerging as the most in-demand among employers. Upon completing the course, you can join as a data scientist, business analyst, and machine learning engineer. Professionals interested in exploring the data science domain can opt for this specialty. 

1. MBA in Retail Management 

The newly emerged and trending specialty is MBA in retail management. The professionals are responsible for the smooth flow of goods and collecting all the materials to build the product. The supply chain management domain also falls under retail management. The average salary of a supply chain manager is $119,533 and is expected to grow more as the businesses have resumed. 

These were the best MBA specializations, as per the reports; however, these are only some. There are more options, such as BFSI, IT & FinTech, and Operations Management. With the plethora of options, you have the endless option to pick one to build your career. 

Wrapping up

With all the parameters and crucial info such as average salary and job roles, deciding will be quite smooth now. Manipal University Jaipur offers a comprehensive MBA program through Online Manipal, and a 2-year course is a full online mode. The NAAC+ accredited university offers full flexibility and allows the learner to pursue the course at their own pace. Apart from this, the online platform provides career placement opportunities to eligible learners and helps in achieving their dream. So, secure your seat today at Online Manipal.