Non-Vegetarian food not banned in IIT-Bombay

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Non-Vegetarian food not banned in IIT-Bombay
Non-Vegetarian food not banned in IIT-Bombay

Mumbai : For students of IIT Bombay, who love to eat non-vegetarian food, the college has clarified that they are not imposing any rule on the kind of food being served in canteens.

"IIT Bombay clarifies that the Institute has not banned non-veg food in the campus, as reported by few publications. A letter was issued to the caterer of a cafeteria atop Civil Engineering Dept. for purely health and safety reasons as he was serving stale food," a statement by IIT PRO said.

"Some students complained of food poisoning. The non-vegetarian food is brought in the morning and kept till evening. Since it gets spoilt faster and is the major cause for food poisoning, the department has instructed the caterer not to serve stale food," it further read.

The statement added, "We wish to avert any fire hazard here."

Some media publications had reported that the college had issued an advisory to both the students and mess authorities mentioning that the non veg food will be banned in college. 

Reports had quoted a circular which read, “No lunch and dinner party orders allowed for other departments and such services and orders are banned. Lunch services are also not permitted. The cafeteria authorities should provide the list of vegetarian items to a committee for a review, and no cooking is allowed in the cafeteria.”