Quantum University sets up Intellectual Property Rights' Cell

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Quantum University sets up Intellectual Property Rights' Cell
Quantum University sets up Intellectual Property Rights' Cell

New Delhi : Quantum University has been constantly scaling new heights with every passing year. High standards of quality education have been the hallmark of Quantum. A new page in the success story of Quantum has been it recently acquired status of a university. Quantum has adapted well to the changing beliefs and demands in the society and makes constant efforts to be in sync with it. Continuing this tradition the University has now set up an Intellectual Property Rights' Cell. It aims to help the scholars and intellectuals get copyrights and patents for their creative work. A workshop was organized at Quantum campus to update the concerned students and scholars about the modus operandi.

Intellectual Rights concern the creative activities of humankind. Common physical assets like lands, houses and liquid money are considered property. Similarly, the intellectual property is the intangible creation of the human intellect and primarily protected by copyrights, patents and trademarks.

The ideas and visions shared in the field of literature, science and arts are published in the concerned journals and books. Such creative work is the intellectual property of the creator. A patent, copyright, and trademark protect such intellectual contents/ideas and ensure an individual gets the due credit for their respective creation/s.

Patents are given in the field of engineering and science. Books, songs, and literary work are protected by copyrights; while trademarks help a company safeguards its commercial and business interests.

The chief orator of the workshop was Dr. Shweta Singh. Illustrating the concepts of intellectual property to the participants of the workshop she said that patents and copyrights could be compared with land registration. "Land registrations are necessary to claim ownership of any landed property. Similarly, the patent or copyright identifies the original mind behind a book, invention, research or a song," she said.

"As per a report of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), China has emerged as a leader in this field. Around 14 lakh people file for a patent in China, while only 40,000 patents applications are recorded in India," she informed.

Dr. Singh further talked about the patent dynamics imposed by Apple which has just 15 patented products in the market, yet it is a leader in the field of Information Technology. The company has made at least 1000 patents under every product, this way the IT giant has more than 15000 patents.

Dr. Singh added further that a person gets a royalty for its work whenever his/her work comes to use. A person's creative work or copyright remains valid until 60 years after the demise of the creator.

University Vice President, Mr. Shobhit Goel, highlighted the importance and need of intellectual property. He advised the audiences to utilize the services of Quantum IPR cell to prevent the misuse of new ideas in the field of technology and help writers, researchers get recognition on the global stage with their creations.

Quantum has set an ambitious target of 30 patents and has started working with full vigor in this direction. Quantum has a solid infrastructure for research work. Students and teachers have already started working in the Quantum labs to aid the development of the society with its inventions and discoveries.