Turning aspirations into reality is a top multi-skill center named Avish Educom

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Avish Educom Campus
Avish Educom Campus

New Delhi : The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how things have been on a constant change across the world for reasons more than one. The emerging world of digitalization has transformed the fate of several industries, but when it comes to education, a perfect blend of physical skill-based learning and optimization of the latest technologies in learning new things can transform the lives of students incredibly. Educationist, Co-founder and CEO Nilesh Parakh with Manish Parakh, the Founder and Chairman has been doing that with Avish Educom, which has risen to the top as a one-of-a-kind multi-skill center based in Durg, Chhattisgarh India, and has become one of the most trusted educational facilities in the state.

From fashion designing, interior, web graphics, animation, and tally, to cloud computing and cyber security, CADD software civil/mech, and DCA/PGDCA/BCA, Avish Educom offers more than 30 incredible courses to students with the aim to turn them into more skilled individuals to be capable enough to land a job at prominent companies of the world. In web graphics and animation alone, Avish Educom offers nine robust courses like Diploma in graphic design, a Diploma in Digital Prepress, Diploma in Web Graphics, Diploma in Post Production (Movie editing and compositing), a Certificate course in PHP and MySQL, a Certificate course in Ul Design (80hrs), Diploma in Web Design, Diploma in Web Development, and Certificate course in Ul Design (160hrs).

(Image: Co-founder and CEO - Mr. Nilesh Parakh with team Avish Educom at Durg Campus)

Manish Parakh emphasizes that the traditional education model will not work anymore as there is never a surety that a student will get a placement after attaining a degree. Today, more and more companies prefer skills over degrees, and this is what parents need to understand. Avish Educom focusing on honing the skills of students has become one of the top training and placement centers in Chhattisgarh. It is all about emphasizing how important skills are and how the corporate world is looking out for individuals and professionals that are highly skilled in all that they choose to do in their careers.

Avish Educom, under the leadership of its founders, has already earned massive recognition and accolades so far, which has increased the trust of students and parents in the education brand.

Connect with them through their website https://avisheducom.com/ and Instagram @avisheducom now to know more.