Cannot impress people for work: Ileana D'Cruz

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Ileana D'Cruz does not like impressing people to get work
Ileana D'Cruz does not like impressing people to get work

New Delhi : Ileana D'Cruz, is one such actress of Bollywood who is totally a no nonsense person. She believes that all the films which she has got till date are based on merit. Also, she does not believe in impressing people to get work. 

According to The Times of India, Ileana D'Cruz in an interview said that "People could take (attitude) as arrogance but actually it is not! I could be very nice to people, go out for coffee and dinner or socialize to become their favorite, but I choose not to do that. I cannot sweet-talk to people to get a film, Rather I want to be chosen for a film when the director would think that I can do justice to the role and that I am talented. So far, all the films that I have got are based on my merit," she added.

Ileana D'Cruz , comes from a no filmy background. When asked if she has any friends in Bollywood, she said, "I am not rude to anyone. As a professional I want all my co-stars, director, producer, and colleagues to feel easy and comfortable working with me, but I am not walking into a film set to make friends. I am here to work, this is my professional world and I want to do good work here. I do not take some extra steps to become a friend or develop a relationship with other co-stars. End of the film, if we become friends that are a bonus,"