Actress Minissha Lamba reveals she once dated a flirt actor who cheated later

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Actress Minissha Lamba (Image Instagrammed by @minissha_lamba)
Actress Minissha Lamba (Image Instagrammed by @minissha_lamba)

New Delhi : Actress Minissha Lamba is making headlines once again for her remarks on dating people from the entertainment industry, for which she has blocked herself.

In one of her recent interviews with radio host Siddharth Kannan, she spoke about her experience and perception on dating actors.

"The reason why I would always shy away from wanting to date anyone from the industry, not just actors, was just this. Because there is so much temptation around all the time. I don’t want to say anything because there are a lot of people who are dating actors and it is not right to make a statement that will hurt somebody. But this was a decision that I took for myself and I would rather not. Because relationships, I feel, already are so difficult," she said.

Minissha also shared her experience on getting cheated by an actor. "In one relationship which I had with an actor, yes. But I think only because the personality of the person was such that they were a big flirt," she added.

Last year, she had announced her divorce from Ryan Tham, a restaurateur and owner of Juhu nightclub 'Trilogy'. Ryan is a cousin of actress Pooja Bedi.