Renaissance - a poem by Anupama Sharma

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Image: Anupama Sharma/Pixabay
Image: Anupama Sharma/Pixabay

New Delhi : The sound of cracking snow

Music of whistling wind

Am I on earth

Or my soul is travelling through

This white glittering snow

Emerging from heaven 

Imparting peace and joy

Soothing my tortured body and soul

I am lost here ,

Want to loose forever

The place I stepped in 

Should be one way through

Mirage disappeared! my association to world too,

This is the land of Shiva

Of Kailasha !

Renaissance of me

I feel so delicate 

Lighter then a leaf 

Carry me o wind! transcend me to another world

Hold my hand 

Lead my way

Take me to that solitude where there is no other way.

About Anupama Sharma

Anupama Sharma is a 36 years old writer and poetess from Sirmour District of Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh. She is a Post Graduate in English Literature and is currently working with Education Department of Himachal as an English Lecturer. Her poems depict the multiple moods of nature, emotions and complexities of human nature.