Prabhas to let go his fees for Saaho: Report

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Prabhas to let go his fees for Saaho: Report
Prabhas to let go his fees for Saaho: Report

New Delhi : Ever since Baahubali made records on the Box Office, Prabhas' commercial value went up too. And the known fact is that he has given over 2 years to his upcoming movie 'Saaho', on the same line a lot is riding on the movie considering the high budget of it.

A report even claimed that more than 70 crores have been spent on a 8-minute-long action sequence.

Well, the budget of the movie has gone way too high and Prabhas realized that if he charges his regular fees then it will be an extra burden on the producers. Therefore, if a leading daily's report is to be believed then he will not be charging his regular fees, instead will be taking a share from the profit.

He will also be the first Tollywood actor to share profit from a film, instead of charging a regular fee.

It is also being said that he will take home somewhere between 50-60% of the profits from the film.

In Bollywood, profit sharing is a more common practice and stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar generally share the profit from their films instaed of charging a fixed amount.