Sunny Arya: An amusing comedian on YouTube channel "Tehelka prank"

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Sunny Arya: An amusing comedian on YouTube channel "Tehelka prank"
Sunny Arya: An amusing comedian on YouTube channel "Tehelka prank"

New Delhi : Sunny Arya is known for his most entertaining videos and pranks. He is getting popularity and becoming the reason behind the millions of smiles and laughter. 

Best known for :- 

Sunny Arya is popular for this funny videos and pranks on social media. 

Career :- 

An Amazing comedian Sunny Arya started uploading his videos after creating an the most entertaining YouTube channel named " Tehalka Prank" which is getting the limelight day by day on all the social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. 

Number of social media account :- 

Sunny Arya has a total of 5 channels on YouTube, approx 2 lakhs followers on Instagram, and a huge Facebook fan following of more than 20 lakhs.

Sunny Arya's achievement on YouTube:- 

For this achievement, YouTube gave him 5 silver buttons for channels.

Sunny Arya's family also participate in his videos and pranks his wife "Deepika" and his father act really well and people really like their comedy.

Sunny Arya's fans usually ask for his wife and his father participation in his videos and pranks. 

Sunny Arya A believer :- 

He believes a small effort made by everyone can eradicate poverty from the world. To continue his work of social welfare, he runs special campaigns through his YouTube channel to help the poor, beggar, and those who financially weak of, During the COVID - 19 pandemic period he extended a helping hand to many needy people through this channel. 

He believes in helping each other and growing together. He kind and helping nature is the reason behind is success today! 

A down to earth people :- 

Sunny Arya has a soft heart and he is very kind and helping in nature he always help people through his channel and by running the campaigns. 

Struggle behind the success : - 

Sunny Arya is from Uttam Nagar Delhi, he went through the tough time and so much struggle in his early days. That is why he understands the value of struggle and believes in supporting and helping everyone. He faced every challenge with a smile and happiness and confidence in his journey to achieve this status. He is humble and kind person with a soft heart for everyone. His contents spread happiness among the people. 

This world needs more people like Sunny Arya. After so much struggle he achieved everything, and helping others with a good heart.