Traffic in India is a 'beautiful chaos': Chris Hemsworth

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Traffic in India is a 'beautiful chaos': Chris Hemsworth
Traffic in India is a 'beautiful chaos': Chris Hemsworth

New Delhi : Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, better known for his character in famous movie 'Thor', found traffic in India to be a beautiful chaos.

The actor is shooting in India for a Netflix movie Dhaka, and was travelling by vehicle in Ahmedabad when he got stuck in traffic. When he saw cars, auto-rickshaws and bikes criss-crossing one another without paying heed to traffic rules.

He made a little video from inside the vehicle and shared it on the social networking platform Instagram, tagging it as 'beautiful chaos'.

Chris, who was sitting inside a vehicle, posted a video of the chaos outside to his Instagram story on Sunday, and made ‘beep beep’ sounds as cars passed his vehicle and criss-crossed one another.

In another video captioned “Traffic is flowing”, he can be heard saying, “It’s a good system this one… Here we are at the intersection, and no one is really moving, except our car going on the wrong side of the road… What is happening? Oh, the tuk tuks are out… The horns are on.”