Super Nani brings tears, both ways

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New Delhi : This week News Heads watched Rekha’s Super Nani, which starred Randhir Kapoor and Sharman Joshi as other leads. Here is how we felt after watching the film.

- Rekha’s latest film Super Nani is for all those who want to see Ekta Kapoor style drama on a big screen.

- All expectations from movie went into the drain soon after we watched first 15-minutes of the film.

- After 3 idiots, none expected such role will be offered to the very talented Sharman Joshi.

- Veteran actress Rekha Ji was looking simply awesome and amazingly beautiful but what disappointed was the very predictable script.

- The film didn’t offer even a single bit more than what we saw in the trailer

- There were so many teachings and everyone likes to skip classes with over-loaded lessons

- The overall package looked like a delayed release by about 10-years

- After saving our life from this 133 minute act we can settle it for 1 star – and that too because of Rekha Ji’s beauty.

Watch Trailer Here: