Hard Work and Luck are the only recipes for Success, believes Angel Richa

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Hard Work and Luck are the only recipes for Success, believes Angel Richa
Hard Work and Luck are the only recipes for Success, believes Angel Richa

New Delhi : What future awaits us is a question for many, but any artist’s journey is solely about delivering art to its audience. The singer of two consecutive successful hits ‘Chadd Jaane De’ and ‘Mushkil Mein Wo Nahi’, Angel Richa is back with her new video song ‘Patola’ which has amassed over 2M views in a span of just two days, and it felt like the people have found their new anthem to groove. But just like any other artist, she also struggled to reach this stage. From being a person who can be easily camouflaged to being a recognized budding celebrity, she tells how it is easier for people to recognize her, even the policemen on the roads start noticing her, and don’t ask her whereabouts knowing she must have had a long night shoot.

Coming from a small town, Richa has always believed in hard work and wanted to bring pride to her town, family, and especially her father. Angel Richa shares how like every other middle-class family; they had their share of struggles and insecurities. She grew up with her parents and four siblings in the town of Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh. Her parents being Government Teachers prioritized her education and sent her to Delhi. Though her parents had 5 children, Richa shares how their parents left no leave unturned to be there for every child, and perhaps it is their consistent support, and acting like a backbone only that despite the tumultuous conditions, she just gave it a shot and worked hard to achieve her goal. 

It was a dream, just a dream that always felt like a dream only, but only it came true. With no family background and history in the film industry, Angel Richa has made her place with her efforts and sheer hard work. Renowned singers are now willing to work with Angel Richa as she has finally made an imprint on the industry with her two major hits with White Hill Production, and now her 3rd one ‘Patola’, @AnalogRecords on Youtube. It is being presumed that her future projects may also feature some fine TV serial actors as her co-actors. Richa also hinted at her projects with the South film industry and will be seen working with them soon after the co-director of KGF, Prakash, whom she fondly calls Anna 

(Big brother). Angel Richa also promised a banging future collaboration with Jaaved Bhai that we all hope will hit the charts again. She has also embarked her foreign career and have shot videos in places such as Thailand and Bangkok, releasing a few.

Acknowledging the fact that the Industry is a big maze, having loads of struggling artists, she claims herself to be highly fortunate, she believes that one’s hard work is nothing, if luck is not there, and vice versa also stands true, but it is the blend of these two that can only overturn the conditions. Ever so cheerful Richa was grateful to her team, who stayed with her through the thick and thins of her journey and are still sticking by. Expressing her sincere gratitude and love for her team members Prathmesh and Abhishek, Richa ensured to count her blessings including theirs. 

Angel Richa is an example of what a true artist should be i.e., Grateful, Humble, Passionate, Forward-looking, and essentially with courage. It was her sheer dedication that landed her in the position, where she stood out among the masses and marks an imprint of her personality. And with the plans that she described; it feels like the path of her career is all set. So, one can only gaze at the master creations she has put life into, and wait, wish, and anticipate more bangers she is deemed to create.