Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan confesses love for Rashmi Desai

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Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan confesses love for Rashmi Desai
Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan confesses love for Rashmi Desai

New Delhi : Actor Arhaan Khan has been evicted from the reality TV show Bigg Boss 13 and since then he is actively showing his affection for his housemate Rashmi Desai. He was in the house for just 15 days and now when he has been evicted he desires to go back and propose Rashmi in the house.

Speaking about his stay and journey in the house, Arhaan said, "I had big plans, but I am extremely disappointed that my journey ended prematurely. I was playing well and was taking a stand for the right things... I still had a lot to show, including my game, personal life and dosti, but unfortunately, I didn’t get enough time."

Ever since the show started, there were reports which speculated that the two will start dating and get married inside the house.

Earlier, during his stay inside the house, he asked Rashmi to maintain some distance, upsetting the latter. When another contestant Devoleena asked him about his relationship status with Rashmi, he said that they are just close friends.

“Rashami was my best friend and I got to know her better while staying inside the house and my feelings towards her changed. I felt attracted to her inside the house," said Arhaan also mentioning how Rashami was left shocked when he was to be evicted and cried for him.

He now confesses that he misses the Uttaran actress and wants to propose her in front of the whole house, "I am missing Rashami terribly. I feel that what we share is more than friendship. I will accept my feelings in front of all when I get a chance. Had I more chance to stay inside the house, I would have proposed to her. I am in love with her. I want to go inside the house again to propose to Rashmi."