Right time to have men commission in India: Ansul Verma

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Right time to have men commission in India: Ansul Verma
Right time to have men commission in India: Ansul Verma

New Delhi : An award ceremony was held at Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi, which recognized the sincere and great efforts of men for their years of work for the betterment of the society.

This first of its kind award ceremony was organized by team Purusharth in association with Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) led by Mr. Roopenshu Pratap Singh, Mr Vickram Bisyar and Mr Kumar S Ratan.

Collectively they stated that they are very much excited and delighted to have hosted an event which is first of its kind and focused on achievement and contribution of men towards society at large. 

KTS Tulsi Member of  Rajya Sabha Said, “ that just by making laws does not end the evil of society, evil ends when people set an example of their ideal behavior, 1991  the number of cases of dowry harassment was 4668, which increased to 6776 in 2005 and 7638 in 2015. Apart from this, the number of false cases has increased day by day, where women have been taking advantage of their privileges by misusing the law.

I have proposed in Parliament that the sexual harassment sentences should be gender neutral. So that the law is not misused and the society remains in balance.Rajya Sabha Member  Shri KTS Tulsi said that this initiative of Purusharthi Festival 2019 is an initiative to provide justice to every victim and I wish that this beginning brings positive changes.”

Shri Anshul Verma, former Member of Parliament , Said this event is the effort to do welfare of the society. Society will change only by educating people, because only education gives you independent thinking. India is a young country where youths need a right guidance that makes them mentally strong and independent, Purushartha Mahotsava is the beginning of new era of independent thinking in the society.

"Purusharth in association with SaveIndianFamilyFoundation have formed a platform which enables men to recognize who mostly remain unsung for their massive contribution towards society. These great men did noble work without any support from the outside world, which makes them more suitable for Purushartha award. As this award is all about the men’s willingness and public-spirited efforts towards the humanity," said the organizers. 

Mr R.K Solanki  ( LifeTime Achievement Awardee ) Said, “I sincerely pay my respects to the person who has appreciated my work on this platform, the problems mentioned here, whether it is dowry retaliation or mental harassment, it is the problem that every person is aware of. every change in society starts from one home and I also chose this path to contribute in betterment of society.”

Kumar S Ratan said" The sky is not pink, it's blue. Objective of this event is to inspire every men to connect with the efforts and initiatives which helps to make this country and society better place to live for all human beings and also for Men.

Vikram Bisyar said that “men must be given respect and their work for society also be recogmized”

Roopenshu Singh said “Purusharth is the strength of the society and recognizing purushart will encourage more unsung heroes in India”

This event was honored by the presence of Shri KTS Tulsi nominated Member of  Rajya Sabha as chief guest and Shri Anshul Verma, former Member of Parliament from Hardoi, U.P. as the Guest of Honour.

This event showcased the screening of a short film titled as, “Accused” directed by Shri. Jatin Chanana based on the suffering of men in day to day life in this society. Another renowned Documentary Filmmaker and Gender Rights supporter, Ms Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj also showcased her upcoming documentary film trailer, titled “India Son’s”. After which there was a Panel Discussion by experts from different sectors of society and they have interacted with the audience and answered their queries. 

The winners of 'Purusartha 2019' and their respective categories are as   follows:

    1. Mr R.K Solanki  ( LifeTime Achievement Awardee )

    2. Mr Rajesh Goyal

    3. Mr Puttu Lal Gupta

    4. Mr Lakshmi Chandra

    5. Mr Indrasen Kumar

    6. Mr Amit Sharma

    7. Mr Amitava Das

    8. Mr Deshraj Bhatt

    9. Mr Harbans Dunkal

    10. Mr Dr JS Yadav

    11. Mr. Varun Khullar

    12. Mr Amandeep Singh Johar

    13. Mr Parul Sharma

    14. Mr Ch. B.C. Pradhan

    15. Mr Gagan Aggarwal

    16. Mr Anoop Khanna