Warangal: 10 killed, several injured after massive explosion at fireworks factory

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Massive explosion at fireworks factory in Warangal, Telangana
Massive explosion at fireworks factory in Warangal, Telangana

New Delhi : At least 10 people died in a major explosion took place around 11.30 am at a fireworks factory in Kashibugga area, Warangal on Wednesday. Several others are reported to have suffered from severe injuries and burns. They have been rushed to the MGM Government Hospital in the city.

The explosion was so intense that the entire roof of the fireworks factory was blown off. Also, the massive mishap caused cracks on the walls of nearby structures, DNA reported.

Nearby houses suffered from some cracks in their walls due to the sound of explosion. Rescue operation is underway with four fire engines were deployed at the spot to wet the flames in Sri Bhadrakali Fireworks factory on Eumamula Market Yard road, according to the report.

The death toll is likely to increase as the entire factory was nearly flattened by the blast.

According to media reporters, factory owner Golapalli Rajkumar said only seven to eight employees were working at the time of the explosion. However, a police official told the newspaper 21 people in the factory were making fireworks when a spark on the raw material exploded.  An investigation is yet to determine the actual cause behind the blast, according to the report.

According to source of ‘The News Minute’, most of the victims are women and one minor boy also reportedly died in the accident.