Delhi Metro introduces smart watches: Things you must know

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Delhi Metro introduces smart watches: Things you must know
Delhi Metro introduces smart watches: Things you must know

New Delhi : Delhi Metro has introduced a smart-watch to make travel hassle-free for the comuters. This new smart-watch, made by an Austrian company, will enable users to make payments at entry and exit points, which is currently done with the help of a token or smart card. Key things which you must know about the smart-watch:

#The Austrian company has partnered with DMRC and will be manufacturing the smart-watch

#The smart-watch will be called Watch2Pay

#The smart-watch will be sold via online commerce websites

#DMRC said, commuters will have to just tap entry exit points with their watches to make payments

#"These watches, called Watch2Pay, are available through an online e-commerce site. The new facility is expected to provide commuters with a more convenient and faster access to the Delhi Metro network. The commuter will simply have to touch the watch to the screens of the AFC [Automatic Fare Collection] gates at the metro stations to get access," said a DMRC statement.

#The smart-watch has been priced at Rs 6000 per year. (Also Read: Proposal to turn Delhi Metro smart card into smart watch passed)

#It will have a small sim card and will be recharged like a normal smart-card.

#No mobile network or internet connection is needed to make it function.

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