Hurt by farmers' plight, Sikh priest commits suicide at Singhu border

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Image tweeted by @susantaINC
Image tweeted by @susantaINC

New Delhi : A Sikh priest from a Gurudwara in Karnal (Haryana) committed suicide at Singhu border where a majority of farmers are protesting against the farmers' bill.

Identified as Sant Baba Ram Singh (65), the man left a suicide note in which he mentioned that he was pained to see plight of the farmers.

It has been reported that the man shot himself with his own licensed revolver, but the Kundli Police Station SHO Ravi Kumar rejected the claims and said there are no signs of weapon being used.

“His associates have given a statement to the police that he died by suicide. Our probe is on,” he said.

The purported suicide note, written in Gurmukhi, says: “I saw the anguish of the farmers. They are suffering on the roads to get their rights. My heart was very pained at this. The government is not doing justice. This is injustice. Oppressing someone is a sin; tolerating oppression is also a sin. People have shown their solidarity with the farmers, and their anger against this injustice, in various ways. Some have returned their awards to express their anger. I am taking my life in support of the farmers, and against the atrocities of the government. This is a voice against injustice. This is a voice in support of the hard-working farmers.”

The body has been taken to Karnal for post-mortem. The last rites will be held on Friday.