Is Delta plus variant too dangerous? Should we worry? Answers inside

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Is Delta plus variant too dangerous? Should we worry? (Image: Pexels)
Is Delta plus variant too dangerous? Should we worry? (Image: Pexels)

New Delhi : 52 cases of Delta plus variant have been registered in India in 12 different states and Union Territories.

According to Dr. N K Arora, Chairman of COVID-19 working group under National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) on Sunday said that Delta Plus variant of coronavirus has a great affinity to lung tissues as compared to other strains, but it does not mean that it will cause severe disease or is more transmissible.

“Delta plus is having a greater affinity to mucosal lining in the lungs, higher compared to other variants, but if it causes damage or not is not clear yet. It also does not mean that this variant will cause more severe disease or it is more transmissible,” Dr Arora told news agency PTI.

“We need to keep a very close watch and look at its spread so that it will give us transmission efficiency,” he said.

He, however, warned that nothing substantial can be claimed as of now because there is very less data available for study on Delta Plus variant.

Responding to a question if the Delta plus variant can trigger the third wave of coronavirus, Arora said it is difficult to assess that as of now.

“Waves are linked to new variants or new mutations so there is a possibility as this is a new variant, but whether it will lead to a third wave it is difficult to answer as it will depend upon two or three things,” he said.

“The first thing is we had a ferocious second wave in the last three months and it is still going on, we are seeing for the last 8-10 days the number of cases are stuck at 50,000, while at some places cases continue to come so that wave has not settled down,” he said.

Should we worry of Delta Plus variant?

No, since the number of Delta Plus variant of coronavirus cases are not very much, and the vaccination is happening in mass numbers; all one should worry is about following coronavirus guidelines in public places.