Man refuses ex-girlfriend's offer to reunite, she sets her Rs 23 Lakh Bike on Fire

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Image: Screengrab from a video uploaded on YouTube
Image: Screengrab from a video uploaded on YouTube

New Delhi : Breakups are tricky and not peaceful for both the people for sure. But sometimes it becomes violent and causes a lot of pain.

In one of the recent incidents, a woman burned his ex-boyfriend's costly bike because he refused her offer to reunite. Notably, the woman herself had given the one million Baht (Rs 23 lakhs) Triumph bike to her boyfriend when they were in a relationship.

For some reason, there relationship did not work and she wanted to take a revenge from the boy.

According to the CCTV footage of the incident, Kanok Wan first walks up to the bike with a canister in hand and then proceeds to douse the bike in fuel, lighting it with a match and then walking away from the scene.

Things got tricky when her revenge backfired and six other vehicles parked near the bike were also engulfed in the fire. No report of casualty has been received in the incident.

Check out the video below:

Based on the CCTV footage clippings, the police managed to track down Wan. She was identified as the ex-girlfriend of a school employee. Wan is currently under arrest and is being interrogated on charges of arson and damaging other people’s property.