List of Presidents of India with full tenure details

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List of Presidents of India with full tenure details (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
List of Presidents of India with full tenure details (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

New Delhi : The Election Commission of India announced on Thursday the polling schedule to elect the new President of India. The voting has been scheduled for July 18 and if required, the counting of votes will be done on July 21, 2022. Before we find the new President of India, let's get to know the Presidents India has seen so far since its Independence in 1947.

Name of the PresidentStarting Date of tenureLast Date of TenureImportant details
1: Dr Rajendra PrasadJanuary 26th, 1950
May 13th, 1962
He was the first elected President of India
2: Dr Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanMay 13th, 1962
May 13th, 1967
He was appointed as the second President of India
3: Dr Zakir HussainMay 13th, 1967
May 3rd, 1969
The third President of India
4: Varahagiri Venkata GiriMay 3rd, 1969
July 20th, 1969
He was the acting President due to the sudden demise of Mr Hussain.
5: Mohammad HidayatullahJuly 20th, 1969
August 24th, 1969
He was acting President till Giri’s presidency.
6: Varahagiri Venkata GiriAugust 24th, 1969
August 24th, 1974
Formally appointed as the fourth President of India
7: Fakhruddin Ali AhmedAugust 24th, 1974
February 11th, 1977
Fifth President of India
8: Basappa Danappa JattiFebruary 11th, 1977
July 25th, 1977
He was a chief minister of the Mysore but got elected as President, After the death of Ahmed.
9: Neelam Sanjiva ReddyJuly 25th, 1977
July 25th, 1982
Sixth President of India
10: Giani Zail SinghJuly 25th, 1982
July 25th, 1987
He was the 7th President of India
11: Ramaswamy VenkataramanJuly 25th, 1987
July 25th, 1992
Eighth President of India
12: Shankar Dayal SharmaJuly 25th, 1992
July 25th, 1997
He was the ninth President of India
13: Kocheril Raman NarayananJuly 25th, 1997
July 25th, 2002
He was the 10th President of India
14: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul KalamJuly 25th, 2002
July 25th, 2007
He was the 11th President of India, and he was a great scientist. He worked in ISRO and DRDO organizations.
15: Pratibha PatilJuly 25th, 2007
July 25th, 2012
12th President of India and first woman to acquire the position.
16: Pranab MukherjeeJuly 25th, 2012
July 25th, 2017
He was the 13th President of India
17: Shri Ram Nath KovindJuly 25th, 2017
NAHe is the current President of

Key things you must know about the Presidential Polls:

# He is the constitutional head of the parliamentary system of the government. He is also the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces. He represents the nation but does not rule it. The real power vests with the council of ministers.

# President is elected by the electoral college of
(i) elected members of both houses of the Parliament
(ii) elected members of state legislatures
(iii) elected members of the legislative assemblies of the Delhi and Puducherry (added by 70th amendment Act, 1992).

# Elected for five years but eligible for immediate re-election and can serve any number of terms.

# The President can be removed from the post in case it is found that there is any violation of the constitution by the president. This impeachment can be moved in either house of parliament.

# The Vice President acts as President in the absence of the president due to death, resignation, impeachment, or other situations if the Vice President's seat is vacant then the Chief Justice of India acts as the President of India.