List of services where Aadhaar is not mandatory from now

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List of services where Aadhaar is not mandatory from now
List of services where Aadhaar is not mandatory from now

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the legality of Aadhaar restricting it to disbursement of social benefits and junking its requirement for cell phones and bank accounts.

Here is a list of services where linking Aadhaar Card will not be mandatory from Wednesday (Sept 27) onwards.

Mobile companies cannot ask for Aadhaar

The Supreme Court order says that no Aadhaar is required for obtaining a new mobile connection. 

Private bodies can't access your Aadhaar 

The apex court struck down Section 57 of the Act which allowed private bodies to use Aadhaar number for establishing the identity of the person. 

Aadhaar not needed for school admissions 

The apex court said that Aadhaar need not be made compulsory for school education. No child should be denied the benefits of any scheme for not being able to produce an Aadhaar number. 

Aadhaar not required for opening of bank accounts 

Now, you don't need an Aadhaar for opening a new bank account. The Supreme Court verdict removed the need for an Aadhaar for opening of new bank accounts. 

For UGC, NEET and CBSE examinations 

You don't need to produce Aadhaar for appearing in UGC, NEET & CBSE examinations. 

Government can't disclose data on national security grounds 

The controversial Section 33(2) of the Aadhaar Act, which makes an exception to the primacy of security of data of an individual and allows an officer of the rank of joint secretary to disclose it in matters of national security, has been revoked by the Supreme Court.