Lockdown gone, coronavirus is still here, stay cautious: PM Narendra Modi

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PM Narendra Modi during his address to the nation
PM Narendra Modi during his address to the nation

New Delhi : Days before festival season begins in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned people about the fact that lockdown may have ended, but coronavirus is still present in the nation. He also warned that the vaccine is yet not found, that means people will be putting their own lives and those of their family members at risk if they become irresponsible with the safety measures such as social distancing norms and wearing mask.

In his seventh address to the nation, since lockdown was imposed in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that there is tremendous amount of work being done on both global and India level to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.

“The government is working on a plan to ensure that vaccines reach all citizens,” he said. “But till there is no medicine,” he cautioned, “don’t let your guard down.”

Prime Minister quoted examples from different parts of the world like US and European countries, where the number of coronavirus cases is rising again. He also gave Indian examples, citing recent videos and photographs, to suggest that there was a pattern of growing carelessness and Covid-19 fatigue at home.

He asked the citizens to inform each other about the risks attached to coronavirus and also how one should minimize the risk of getting affected.

“This is not the time for carelessness. It is not the time to think that Covid-19 has gone or that there is no danger from Covid-19. We have seen videos and photographs in recent days where it is clear that people are either not following precautions or have been complacent. If you are being careless and are going out without a mask, you are putting yourself, your families, your elders and your children at risk,” he said.