'Maha Jungle Raj' in Bihar, claims BJP after journalist's murder

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New Delhi : Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the brutal murder of a senior journalist and framed the whole act under 'Maha Jungle Raj' in Bihar.

BJP Spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain went a step further and also described the killing of a journalist in Siwan as an “attack on the fourth pillar of democracy”.

“Chief Nitish Kumar, who also holds charge of Home department, is moving around in Benaras and even journalists are not being spared in Bihar. Law and order situation in Bihar has turned so bad that people are migrating out. It is not ‘jungle raj’ but ‘maha jungle raj’,” he said.

“Today, criminals are ruling the roost in Bihar and not law and order. When ruling party leaders and legislators are involved in crime, how one can expect the law and order to be normal and when asked the chief minister avoids answering the issue of rising crime. He talks of Bihar being liquor-free, but the state has become full of crime instead,” he added.

BJP also blamed Nitish Kumar for breaching trust of more than 11 crore people who elected him as their Chief Minister with a hope for safe and secure future.

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