Man beaten up on road, threatened of murder if contests elections

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Man beaten up on road, threatened of murder if contests elections
Man beaten up on road, threatened of murder if contests elections

New Delhi : A man has been beaten up badly and has been admitted to a government hospital where his treatment is underway. He has alleged that a bunch of people, allegedly linked to MLA Mahesh Jeena, have thrashed him and even tried to kidnap him while he was walking on a street.

The man has been identified as Girish Kotnala, a Noida resident, who claims that he was earlier warned by Mahesh Jeena to give up his nomination from the upcoming elections on Sult seat in Uttarakhand.

Mr Kotnala spoke to reporters and said that he was walking on the street and was pasting hordings on road when a bunch of people came and attacked him. In the attack, he was badly hurt and had to get admitted in the hospital.

He also alleged that the attack happened at around 6:00 pm and then he was kidnapped for around 4 hours, before he could reach the hospital for treatment. Mr Kotnala said that somehow he managed to escape and reach Haldwani to save his life.

Girish Kotnala’s video of attack has gone viral on social media and the situation is tensed in the region after the attack.

Meanwhile, a report said that Jeena has a different story to tell. He claimed that he was attacked by a bunch of five people. Four of them managed to escape and one of them was caught and was later given to the police.

Meanwhile, SSP Almora Pankaj Bhatt said that one person had been detained after a primary investigation and was later let off due to lack of evidence. "No complained has been filed by either Jeena or Kotnala, so we have not continued the probe," he added. When queried, the state BJP unit claimed they were not aware of the incident. 

"The matter has not been brought to the party's notice. If anyone is found guilty, we will take appropriate action against them," said Manveer Singh Chauhan, state media-in-charge of the BJP.

Sources said that Kotnala and Jeena share an old rivalry, as Kotnala wanted the ticket for Salt, from where Jeena contested and won in a bypoll in May this year. The seat had fallen vacant due to the death of Jeena’s brother, Surendra Singh Jeena last year.