Man beheads wife suspecting affair, roams with her head in Ujjain

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Mna beheads wife
Mna beheads wife

Los Angeles : In a shocking incident, a farmer decapitated his wife then carried her severed head by the hair for five miles in the small town of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

The crime was committed by the 38-year-old husband Narayan Singh after he allegedly found out that she was involved with another man.

He has been charged with murder after attacking 28-year-old Sarita with a sword in the middle of a field.

A neighbour was heard saying that after committing the crime he marched to the nearest police station, in an attempt to justify himself.

The husband was heard speaking, “My wife had broken my trust. This is the reason why I beheaded her. I had warned her twice before, but she wouldn’t mend her ways.”

Terrified locals claim that the man carried his wife’s head for around FIVE MILES before reaching the nearest police station.

The villagers also claimed that Singh had caught his wife with her lover twice before but let them go with a ‘warning of dire consequence’ if they hooked up again.

He took his revenge after allegedly catching them together in a farmer’s hut on January 30.