Homeland Security suspends Donald Trump 'Muslim travel ban'

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Muslim Ban
Muslim Ban

Los Angeles : On Saturday following American federal court orders, the country started allowing foreigners from seven predominantly Muslim nations into its borders.

The move is a step ahead after the US government stopped enforcing President Donald Trump's travel ban at airports.

The move will further enhance the contentious fight of Court with the White House over the immigration order.

The order was announced by the Department of Homeland Security which said that it will no longer force airlines to block those foreigners with visas from boarding planes.

The State Department also announced it has reversed the cancellation of visas under Trump's executive order.

Trump’s order in his first week of administration barred people carrying visas from Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen from entering the U.S. 

The order was planned to carry out for 90 days out of terrorism concerns. Also, refugees were banned for 120 days and all Syrian refugees were stopped indefinitely from traveling to America.

A report by the State Department also noted that nearly 60,000 foreigner visas were "provisionally revoked" since the order went into effect a week ago.