“My name is Naved and I am a terrorist”

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New Delhi : Since 2008 Mumbai attack, this is the first time India has nabbed a terrorist living and the active minds have framed him as Kasab 2.

On Wednesday, two terrorists ambushed a convoy of BSF jawans that killed 2 soldiers and injured 11 in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir.

He claims to have left Pakistan 12 days ago and had entered Indian borders 2 days back with his companion Noman, who was killed by Indian soilders during cross firing.

The duo rained grenades and bullets over the convoy, but Naved had to run to a nearby village to try an escape. He took three villagers as hostage but things backfired as brave villagers nabbed him alive with the help of Indian soldiers.

According to reports, he also pleaded hostages to let him go.

Now, he is under Jammu and Kashmir police custody and will be interrogated by national agencies today. Apparently, he belongs to the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan.

India has now sought a high level meeting with Pakistan on the issue, while the neighbouring nation is yet to make any statement on this.

Kasab was the last terrorist India had nabbed alive and was hanged in 2012 for his major role in the Mumbai blasts.