National Agitation Committee to protest against EPFO injustice on EPS-95

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National Agitation Committee to protest against EPFO injustice on EPS-95
National Agitation Committee to protest against EPFO injustice on EPS-95

New Delhi : The National Agitation Committee is going to hold a countrywide protest against the Employee Provident Fund Organization on Tuesday. The protest will be organized by burning the copy of EPFO letter dated 20 March 2021.

Commander Ashok Raut, National President, National Agitation Committee of EPS-95 said, “On one hand, the Hon'ble Prime Minister himself has given us a direct assurance on 4.3.2020 to approve the appropriate demands of the EPS-95 pensioners. He has also instructed the Minister concerned for a proper solution. All the agitations have been advised to withdraw and as per the same advice all the agitations have been withdrawn except for the gradual fast for the last 834 days at the headquarters of NAC, Buldhana (Maharashtra) but on the other hand Employees Provident Fund Organization has not left any stone unturned in the path of Injustice and atrocities against the pension holders are continuing.

The EPFO’s circular dated 23.3.2017, in which the order of the Supreme Court dated 4.10.2016 has been ordered to give higher pension, without prejudice to that circular to the Supreme Court, prejudicially dated the date of EPFO. As per the order dated 20.03.2021, it has been placed in abeyance.

* The EPFO did not give the correct information in respect of pension-related cases of the Supreme Court to the Attorney General.

* Without presenting the correct facts by the Labor Secretary to the Parliamentery Committee on Labor, presenting improper issues etc.

Considering all the above issues, what is the truth while opposing the unjust acts of EPFO in all the offices of EPFO at a country-wide level? Its correct information and feelings of pension can be brought to the Honorable Prime Minister/Chief Justice of India, hence these protest programs are being done by the EPS- 95 pensioners of the country.

It should be known that due to Corona epidemic, the pension holders will participate in this "protest program" keeping in mind all the rules of governance/administration. On this protest day, program dated 06.04.2021, a copy of the so-called letter dated EPFO dated 20.03.2021 will be lit and Ma. The memorandum in the name of the Prime Minister will be given in the respective EPFO offices. Our demands are as follows: -

 1. Minimum monthly pension of Rs. 7500 and dearness allowance should be given thereon.

 2. The Employees Provident Fund Organization advisory should be withdrawn to Interim Advisory dated 31 May 2017 and EPS-95 to the pensioners. According to the order of the Supreme Court, the option of higher pension should be given.

 3. All EPS-95 pensioners and their spouses should be provided free medical facilities.

 4. EPS-95 retired employees who are not members of the EPS-95 scheme should be allowed ex-post membership by recovering contributions with interest and allowing them a reasonable amount of dues otherwise they will get a pension amount of Rs. 5000/ - per month can be fixed.