No cabinet reshuffle in Uttar Pradesh for now

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Image tweeted by @RadhamohanBJP
Image tweeted by @RadhamohanBJP

Lucknow : BJP national vice-president and Uttar Pradesh in-charge Radha Mohan Singh on Sunday held a meeting with the UP governor Anandiben Patel in Lucknow. Answering queries about possible reshuffle in the the Uttar Pradesh government, he said "there is no such thing." He called it a regular meeting with Anandiben Patel.

"After becoming the (party’s) in-charge of UP, I have not met the Governor. When she was the chief minister (of Gujarat), I was the Agriculture minister, I had an old association with Gujarat. Since, I could not meet her in the past six months, hence I met her today. This was a personal meeting and a formality," Singh said.

Speculated media reports have claimed that PM Modi is not happy with the way UP government has handled the second wave of coronavirus in the state, following which he is planning change in administration. On Yogi Adityanath's birthday, when PM did not wish him on twitter, people started brewing assessments over the alleged differences.

However, all speculations have been put to rest after the meeting of BJP National General Secretary (Organisation) and governor Anandiben Patel.

The speculations started after a senior leader said that UP government may see some changes in the leadership.

Last month, the Yogi government faced severe criticism for Covid management after images of bodies floating in the river or buried in shallow graves came up from different parts of the state.