No more Vistara airlines in India, merged with Air India

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No more Vistara airlines in India, merged with Air India (Image:
No more Vistara airlines in India, merged with Air India (Image:

New Delhi : Vistara Airlines has been one of the first choice among the travellers But now you will not be finding any Vistara flying in the Indian skies. Air India chief executive Officer Campbell Wilson has made a major official announcement saying that Air Vistara will be merged with Air India into one-full service carrier. The operations for Air Vistara started in 2015 and since then the airlines has bagged many awards in both India and Southern Asia.

Since Tata Group acquired Maharaja, back in 2022, there were talks that Vistara will be merged with Air India, but there were no official confirmation. On Monday, an official statement came about the merger and scrapping of Vistara as a brand.

In a media interaction, Campbell Wilson said, "The intentions behind the merger is to have a one full service airline and one low cost airline; the amalgam of Air India and Vistara will be the perfect for a full service airline."

Meanwhile, the Air India CEO mentioned that Vistara’s some heritage will be retained in that new manifestation.

He also explained why Vistara is being a scrapped. Mr. Wilson said, "Air India is a much recognisable brand both in India and outside. While Vistara has a good recognition in Indian market, but if we talk about a broader perspective, Air India has much more recognition and a history of 90 years. The full service carrier should be called Air India, but we will retain some of the Vistara heritage, the new manifestation."

Meanwhile, a lot of acquisitions are being done by Air India. Recently, the airlines had announced a bulk order of 470 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing Co. With this, a lot of hirings will also be done in the recent future. Nearly 500 cabin crew, pilots will be added to the services.