Objectionable video circulation fires clashes in Lakhimpur, curfew imposed

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Curfew imposed in Lakhimpur city
Curfew imposed in Lakhimpur city

Lakhimpur : Curfew has been imposed in Lakhimpur city of Uttar Pradesh, after reports of clashes between two communities over the circulation of an objectionable video on Whatsapp.

This is first time in decades when a clash has been reported from Lakhimpur city. Last time in 1984, curfew was imposed after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The recent clashes started soon after the objectionable video went viral. Taking swift action, the cops first lodged a complaint. Identified the culprits and then also sent them to custody on Thursday.

The tension escalated when cops tried to take the accused to jail.