Pizza Hut debuts 'Pie Top' sneakers capable of ordering pizzas

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Pizza hut shoes
Pizza hut shoes

Los Angeles : Have you ever fancied taking away a pizza with just a click of your ankles, well it has become a reality with a bizarre new line of 'smart' shoes from Pizza Hut. 

The pizza giant has now released 64 pairs of limited edition trainers called 'Pie Tops' that let owners order a slice using just their feet.

How it will work? Well, the smart shoes use geolocation to connect their owner to their closest Pizza Hut branch and then tag your predesignated order via a linked up app.

These Pie Tops have been hand-stitched by Dominic Chambrone, also known as the Shoe Surgeon.

However, these shoes will be given only to those who will be considered as 'influencers'.

The shoes will be released in March to coincide with the annual NCAA basketball tournament in the US.

The shoes have an in-built button, pictured, that links up to an app that can place an order for a pizza of the wearer's choice.

Retired basketball player Grant Hill was the first to get his hands on a pair and he said, “There comes a time when the hard way is the only way. Ordering Pizza Hut is not that time. 'When I want to order a large pizza from Pizza Hut, I can order from my Pizza Hut Pie Tops. Easy as pie.”