On Camera, man assaulted in UP, dies; second such incident in two days

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Screengrab from the video
Screengrab from the video

Lucknow : A 45-year-old man died in Uttar Pradesh after he was assaulted by five men over a roof of a house in Uttar Pradesh. The latest incident comes to light within 2 days of an incident where a murder accused was mob-lynched in the state.

Opposition parties claim the assault on Sarvesh Diwakar, who is from the Scheduled Caste community, was carried out by right-wing activists. The police have, however, denied this.

Diwakar used to sell confectionary and was living on rent in a house in western UP's Mainpuri along with his 16-year-old daughter who used to work as a domestic help and also study at a local school. A couple of days back Diwakar had sent his daughter or a relative's home as he was trying to figure out a source of income amid the harsh coronavirus pandemic days.

There was a rumour which claimed that the man had sold his daughter for some money. However, the police denied the rumour and also its link behind the assault.

Footage of the assault shot from a distance shows five men kicking and slapping Mr Diwakar on the terrace of his home as he appears to beg for mercy; the assault does not stop even after he falls to the ground and appears motionless.

Samajwadi Party shared the clip of assault on their official Twitter page and blamed a right-wing group behind the alleged murder.

Meanwhile, the police has arrested four men seen in the video and mentioned that so far no connection of them has been established with the right wing.