Over 100 lockdown violators booked in Delhi: Report

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Over 100 lockdown violators booked in Delhi: Report
Over 100 lockdown violators booked in Delhi: Report

New Delhi : Delhi has taken action against people who were caught violating the lockdown. The police officials have registered around 100 cases against the violators, said an NDTV report. Most of the cases are against the shopkeepers.

Around 490 people were detained for being out of doors without any reason and around 340 cars were seized, the report mentioned.

The arrests and detentions took place on the day when India was asked to observe the Janta curfew for 14 hours. People were supposed to stay indoors and maintain social distance.

So far, this is the only way to break the chain of transmission and stop the virus from spreading, medical experts have said.

In the evening, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal announced sweeping restrictions, shutting public transport, sealing borders, closing shops and allowing in only essential goods and services.

On Monday morning, PM Narendra Modi tweeted, "People are not taking the lockdown properly. Kindly save yourself and your family; follow the guidelines with sincerity and responsibly. I request all the state authorities to ensure that people follow guidelines." 

Late in the evening, the Delhi Police source gave an account of the cases to NDTV.