PM Narendra Modi lauds India's fight against coronavirus

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PM Narendra Modi lauds India's fight against coronavirus (Image: ANI)
PM Narendra Modi lauds India's fight against coronavirus (Image: ANI)

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday commended India’s fight against coronavirus and disciplined efforts to save maximum lives from the deadly COVID-19 infections.

"Last year, in February-March, a lot of experts had said India will be the worst-affected country, there will be a tsunami of cases. They predicted 2 million deaths in the country. But India moved ahead with proactive public participation," PM Modi said, addressing the World Economic Forum's Davos Dialogue.

"Today, India is among countries that have succeeded in saving the maximum lives. The country, which comprises 18% of the world's population, has saved the world from disaster by bringing the situation under control."

He also mentioned about how India has launched the world’s biggest vaccination program and vaccinated more than 2.3 million healthcare workers in just 12 days.

"India is also exporting coronavirus vaccines and saving lives of people in other countries; currently there are only two made in India vaccines, but in coming days there will be more," he said.

He also assured that the economic situation in India will soon change as his government has taken steps to eradicate troubles caused due to coronavirus situation.

"Even during coronavirus, we fast-tracked structural reforms and stressed on production linked incentive schemes. Despite the pandemic, FDI increased by 13 per cent in India in 2020," he said.