Polio vaccines found with dead virus strain, cops arrest Biomed MD

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OPV have been found to be contaminated. Please wait till the next update (Representational Image)
OPV have been found to be contaminated. Please wait till the next update (Representational Image)

New Delhi : A serious threat to public health has been reported from the source. Some batches of oral polio vaccine manufactured by a Ghaziabad based pharmaceutical company didn't take adequate measures to inactivate the polio virus to make the vaccine. As a result, some batches of vaccine have been found to be contaminated with polio type 2 virus. We suggest you to inform everyone in family as well as those who have babies. Do not give oral polio dose to the baby till next update.

Biomed, a Ghaziabad-based pharmaceutical company was supplying polio vaccine for only government-run immunisation programme. During the inspection, it has been found that the company has delivered some batches of polio vaccines contaminated with polio type 2 virus. This strain has been eradicated worldwide, including India.

The contamination can possibly bring polio back to India. Concerning the serious threat, the health ministry and the drug regulator have initiated preventive measures to contain the impact. "We have alerted UP and Maharashtra where contaminated vaccines may have been used," a senior official told media.

The contamination was first observed when surveillance reports from UP showed signs of virus in stool samples of some children. The samples of OPV vaccines were sent for testing and reports confirmed that some batches of vaccines were contaminated with type 2 virus. Now, at least 50,000 vials are under the scanner.

As of now, the central drug regulator has filed and FIR against Biomed and the company's managing director has been arrested. Also, the Durgs Controller General of India has ordered the company to "stop, manufacture, sale or distribution till further orders".