Search for Saraswati river continues in India

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Lost and found Saraswati River in India
Lost and found Saraswati River in India

New Delhi : For the fourth year in a row, India will continue its search for the Saraswati River that is believed to be flowing underground and meets the Ganga and Yamuna at Prayagraj.

The government has approved a project of the Chandigarh circle of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to continue their search for the river along a stretch from Kaithal to Sirsa in Haryana.

A report by Hindustan Times claims of accessing an internal note by the ASI. As mentioned in it, the site lies “along the dried-up bed of the river Saraswati up to a distance of 5km on both sides of river from District Kaithal to District Sirsa” till the Haryana-Rajasthan border.

The excavation for finding the Saraswati River in one of the nine projects that the standing committee of the Central Advisory Board of Archeology (CABA) has approved for the 2019-20 season.

An officer of the Chandigarh circle said on condition of anonymity told HT that the exploration is part of the circle’s mandate and will be carried out along its routine activities. “We have explored from Banawali to the Adibadri regions in previous field season periods. We are looking at going downstream this season.”

Every year, the standing committee of CABA decides which exploration or excavation projects will be carried out. The list of nine projects is of those which will be carried out by various offices of ASI.